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 Andre Hanley
  Hip Hop / Krump                                                        

         Andre Hanley Jr. aka Jr. Rokstr aka Get'em got his passion for the craft of dance, when it was spoon fed with open arms, from his father.  When Andre was a little boy he related his father as one of the cast members of the hit break dance movie BREAKING.
         His first desire for the art of Krump came from his mentor Lefty, who was one of the dancers in a hit documentary that depicted the birth and rise of Krump into the hip hop culture and landscape, called RIZE.  With his fathers influence and the teachings of his idol Andre has fused popping, breaking, clowning, freestyle, and krumping into his own special concoction. 
         Andre undeniable skills have been featured on numerous stages such as the El Paso Sun Bowl and as a opener for the hit r&b singer Frankie J.
         As a mentor Andre stresses that his main goal is to help teach kids how to dance and open the corridor of release, which helps each of his students express themselves in a positive way and be free in their own world.  Andre believes that the essence of dance is not an external movement, but an internal feeling that manifest itself through each individuals soul which causes movement.  You've gotta love his Krump face.


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